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Conference accommodation is not provided as part of the booking price for the New Wine Landmark conference.  If you live within a reasonable driving distance, you may wish to stay in your own home overnight, and just drive or walk to the conference each day.

If you are coming from further afield, or fancy making a Bank Holiday weekend of it (the sandy beaches of Morecambe, the Lake District fells, and the Western Dales are all within easy reach), there is lots of accommodation available in the Lancaster and Morecambe area.



B&B and Camping

B&B and Camping




There are also many B&B’s and camp sites in and around Lancaster: follow the links below to find out more info. Please be aware that the links below are not managed by the New Wine Landmark team, and whilst every effort has been made to assure their content is good, we do not hold any responsibility for the content on the sites.




Camping and Caravanning Club
Visit Lancaster
iKnow Lancaster