Landmark 2017 | Revive and Refresh – Seminar Venues
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Revive and Refresh – Seminar Venues

Revive & Refresh - The Seminar Venues

Revive and Refresh are the seminar venues. These venues give you the opportunity to learn and study God’s word in a more intimate setting. We understand that not everyone is suited to the larger venues and would prefer a more casual encounter with local and New Wine speakers. So why not come and explore and be challenged by the themes of Landmark in a more relaxed space.

More information regarding speakers to follow. Watch this space.

Seminar Speakers
Andrew Belfield

Andrew, based in Manchester, has been in full time paid Christian ministry for 33 years, during that time he helped build a large charismatic church in Nottingham as well as travelling widely speaking across many nations specifically on church growth. He has helped launched 7 charities as well as creating social and spiritual transformation in the UK.

Bethany MacDonald

Bethany is married to Gav and is based in Manchester working for the Naked Truth Project - a charity that aims to open eyes and free lives from the damaging impact of porn. Her desire is to encourage vulnerability and to see Christians breaking down the barriers that stop people from sharing their struggles. When she’s not talking about porn, she leads worship, loves the beach and getting creative in the kitchen.

Nick Klein

Nick is happily married with two teenage kids, enjoys leading worship. He has worked as a teacher, managed an outdoor centre, a CAP debt centre, supported 18-24 yr olds through the New Wine Discipleship programme, and now works as the CEO for NISCU, a schools work charity across Cumbria and North Lancs.

Steve Karma

Steve grew up in Scotland where he got involved in drugs and delinquency before being converted in his teens. He then went on to serve in the armed forces, which included a 6-month stint in Iraq, before training for the ministry. Steve is the Pastor of Lancaster Free Methodist, loves weight-lifting and is married to Abigail and has a young son called Timothy.

Jan Christie

My name is Jan Christie and I am the family worker at Hesketh Bank Christian centre near Preston.
I trained as a Nursery Nurse 40+ years ago and as an Early Year’s peep practitioner 12 years ago. Since then I have been using the peep programme as part of my role as Family Worker in my previous church in the Midlands and here in Hesketh Bank.
I am excited by what God is doing in our community.

Mark Chester

Mark Chester is a writer, speaker and one of the founders of Who Let The Dads Out?, a movement of churches reaching out to fathers, father figures and their children. He works for BRF, supporting the growth of the movement. He is the author of several books, including Who Let The Dads Out? and The Soul of Football.

Simon McCrossan

Simon is Head of Public Policy for the Evangelical Alliance. Prior to joining the Alliance, he was in full time practice as a barrister with specialisms in personal injury and employment law. He is passionate about religious liberty and ensuring that the Gospel is lived out and heard in the UK. Before he was called to the Bar, Simon worked as a teacher in secondary education. He is married to Emma, lamentably follows Celtic and enjoys most sports and walking in the country.

Mark Houghton

Dr Mark Houghton is a medical doctor, married to Esther; they live in Sheffield with 3 grown-up children. Mark has had 23 years of major chronic pain. He writes, broadcasts and debates on medical matters of life and death. Mark worked as a paediatrician at the Nazareth Hospital Israel before working as a GP in Sheffield.

Jill and Jeremy Duff

Rev Dr Jill Duff is Director of St Mellitus North West, the first full-time ordination route in the North West for over 40 years, based at Liverpool Cathedral Rev Dr Jeremy Duff is the Principal of St Padarn’s Institute, re-shaping formation for lay & ordained in the Church in Wales.

Michael Lloyd

Michael Lloyd is the Principal of Wycliffe Hall. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the problem of evil, which (he hopes) is why his students call him Dr Evil. He is the author of Café Theology – a romp through the whole of Christian Doctrine. He is a regular contributor to The GodPod, a theological podcast. He loves walking, cricket, music and drama. He has a particular interest in puppetry, which he claims is not reflected in his leadership style. A friend once said of him that he has the unique ability simultaneously to raise and lower the tone of any conversation.

Steve McGanity

Steve has been Vicar of Christ Church, Southport for 6 weeks!. Before that he was Vicar of St Andrew’s, Clubmoor, for 20 years. There he transitioned the church into a focus on the work of the Spirit, mission and discipleship. He loves to see people grow in their experience of the work of the Spirit through them.

Running Order

*Please note:

This is a rough guide to the weekend’s programme, speaker times and venues are subject to change.

During food breaks, food is not provided at the venues and children need to be collected from the children’s venues.

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