Landmark 2017 | Sanctuary – The Alternative Adult Venue
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Sanctuary – The Alternative Adult Venue

Sanctuary - The Alternative Adult Venue

The Sanctuary Venue provides an additional adult venue with a particular focus on mission.  God is a God of mission and His nature is to create, call and send His people with a transforming message of hope and new life in and through Jesus.  His Church is called to be a missional church embodying the life and work of Jesus and as disciples of Jesus we are called out to the places and people he sends us carrying His message with us.  The ethos and worship at Sanctuary will reflect these principles with a stripped back, contemporary feel.

Who's Speaking?
Joanna Seabourne

Born in Yorkshire Joanna has moved up and down the country resulting in an undefined accent and eclectic habits!
She taught Geography for a number of years before training as a vicar. She now combines being the Associate Rector of a large church in the centre of Leeds and the priest in charge of a small partner church in the next parish. She is passionate about helping people to love the Bible, grow as disciples and discover more of God.

Gareth Robinson

Gareth Robinson leads a church plant in St Philips Chapel Street, Salford, and he is New Wine’s Regional Director for the North West. Gareth also oversees New Wine’s church planting ministry. Gareth has also been a Worship leader in St Thomas’ Crookes in Sheffield, and in the USA, and more recently, he planted GLO church in the Stockport area. He is married to Lizzy, and they have three children.

Kate Wharton

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Kate Coleman

Rev Dr Kate Coleman is founding director of Next Leadership. She has nearly 30 years of leadership experience in the church, charity and voluntary sectors and is a mentor and coach to leaders.
Kate recently completed a term as Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Council (2012-2014), is a former president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain (2006-2007), and a Baptist Minister.
A popular speaker and lecturer, Kate has gained a reputation as a visionary and an inspiration to many. She is a strategic advisor who mentors, coaches and supports leaders and organisations locally, nationally and internationally. Her network extends across all sectors and church denominations. Kate is author of 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership.
Her media contributions include the mainstream press, radio and TV.
Kate is a Certified Stakeholder Centered Coach.

Martin Robinson

Martin Robinson is the Principal of Springdale College: Together in Mission. He was born in India of missionary parents and then brought up in Scotland where his father was a church planter. In his early 20’s Martin trained for the ministry and his first church was in inner-city Birmingham. That muti-ethnic congregation engaged in church planting and Martin together with his wife Lynda went on to lead one of those church plants. After 13 years in local ministry, Martin went to work for the Bible Society in a variety of roles. In his role there as Director of Mission and Theology and subsequently, Martin has written many books on the broad theme of mission, including Faith of the Unbeliever and Invading Secular Space. In 2002 Martin joined Together in Mission as the National Director.

Running Order

*Please note:

This is a rough guide to the weekend’s programme, speaker times and venues are subject to change.

During food breaks, food is not provided at the venues and children need to be collected from the children’s venues.

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